Editions by Marine Julié


If you are reading this, you must be interested in knowing more of me or maybe in purchasing some of my artwork, so… let me say “Thank you very much!”, and let me introduce myself : I’m an artist, and I have been thinking for a while about the self-production of my work. 

The initial idea of Editions by Marine Julié was to have new screen prints produced for selling, but then  I decided to produce unique designs in series and sell them for the price of a print!

As we do in music with "variation on a theme of ...", with a single line, one color and a sheet of 90 x 100 cm sketch paper, I multiplied my designs and gave them a new dimension.

All the drawings that you find here are original creations and unique artwork, painted by me in my studio in Brussels, in small quantities and with a lot of subconscious energy ;)

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Mars+Venus Aquarius

Let’s begin this new adventure with Mars+Venus Aquarius!

Aquarius energy is brilliant, eccentric, and brings out your inner rebel–though, the ultimate unconventional rule breakers who say “fuck off” to social expectations around love, sex, and relationships. 

Nor male or female, animal, human or whatever, these creatures are allegorical figures of our multiple souls, imbued with mythology and imagination. Let’s take freedom and just be our own creations! 

15 designs multiplied 10 times each = 150 drawings all the same but all different and unique, take a look and pick up the ones you love !