This is the online print and drawing shop of Marine Julié Studio. All of the products are printed and made by hand at the studio and around. We ship internationally.

Marine Julié is a french artist living and working between Bordeaux and Brussels. Originally from South of France, Marine started with architecture and landscape architecture studying before completed a fine art master degree in Bordeaux before moving to Lausanne in Switzerland. She has since graduated from Écal (2014). Marine works across various mediums and formats, with the line as guiding thread across her work. 
Her early interests in architecture is visible through her use of space: the line jumps from a sheet of paper to an object — a rock or a vase — to a whole room or wall. This is not a linear progression, but a never-ending game between scales and contexts, following her physical instincts and carnal love of images. 

Marine has shown work around Europe with exhibitions including Kunst Halle Sankt-Gallen, Milan Design Week, Como Lake, Lausanne, Glasgow, Antwerp, Paris and with publications such as Wallpaper*magazine, Novembre, or Super Paper.

You will find here a selection of her prints and limited editions.
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